Does Your Airline, Retail, Ticketing Website Crash, Slowdown During Sale?

Cloud Based Virtual Traffic Management Solution to handle massive traffic surges!

PriorityEngine is a user streamlining solution to manage massive traffic surges in large scale transactional systems


Safeguards Backend System

No upfront infrastructure planning needed. Throttles traffic based on the capacity of your backend systems.

Priority Queuing Support

All customers are special. Some more so! You get to prioritize high-value customers and they get faster queues and lowered wait times.

Cloud Based Scalable Design

Built on one of the best Cloud Computing Platform - Amazon Web Services. By design, it can scale on demand to any volumes of incoming traffic.

IBE Integration

Can integrate with popular commercial and custom built Internet Booking Engines and Order Processing Systems.

Drop-offs and User Inactivity Handling

Monitors inactivity via mix of signals and takes appropriate actions. This will prevent legitimate users from waiting for inactive user sessions to time out.

Server Side API

Lightweight API to validate users and prevent costly server-side processing for invalid users.

Workflow Tracking

A signalling mechanism is used to track user progress through application workflows (e.g. checkout process) and send in new users as users complete the workflow or get timed out.

I18n & L10n

Customized wait messages in the language of your choice! Complete support for localization & internationalization.

Watch PriorityEngine in Action

Watch this video to see PriorityEngine safeguard airline booking website and streamline user traffic during sale promotions or other peak traffic scenarios.

Who will benefit?

Travel & Hospitality

Retail sales websites for Airlines, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cruise lines, automobile rental companies.


Sales websites for Event Ticketing - Concerts, Sports, Movies, Tradeshows and conferences.


E-commerce sites and mobile applications running promotions, Flash sale sites.


Websites which receive unpredictable load - university websites, government bodies, charitable institutions.

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